Returns can be difficult, especially after a long rest. Not only do some adults have to switch from I-do-not-care to I-have-so-much-to-catch-up-with-that-I-will-go-crazy mental state, but they also have to remember about the extra burden, namely their children who are looking forward to meeting their friends back at school. The middle of August is a good time to get prepared for the big events such as First Day at School or Back to School.

So as to take some burden off the protective parents, we present a handful of selected gadgets which will not only provide kids with all necessary school equipment, but they will also make them feel that they stand out among their peers.


In order that kids get to school safe and sound, both proper skills and some protective equipment are important. A few reflective gadgets will surely help to be more visible.


If you care for your child’s health, especially when it comes to issues like a straight back, a proper posture of a child and comfort for everyday use, it is worth investing in a proper school bag. When you choose it, it is vital to concentrate on such parameters like intended use, capacity, weight, cut and the kind of strap.


Overwhelmed by mass attacks of fast food or sweets which kids are bombarded with round every corner, we bravely beat laziness and selflessly prepare a meal for our children, which is not only supposed to satisfy hunger, but will also provide a healthy and long life. In order that a home-made meal is properly secured and always at hand, a professional food box as well as a hot or cold drink container (the latter with a special fruit infuser) will come in handy.



When it comes to a pupil’s workstation commonly called a desk, proper equipment is a must. Thanks to a few little things a diligent pupil will be fully prepared for exploring the deepest reserves of knowledge.



For most of us this word has nothing to do with school. Nevertheless, there is something called a break when it is essential that pupils should relax before another difficult lesson starts. The gadgets below can be useful not only during such breaks but also when summer holidays start.



Unfortunately, learning does not only take place at school. Diligent pupils know well about it and they will surely appreciate equipment which will help them get ready for the next day at school.


We hope that our ideas have been useful and inspiring for parents who are just about to prepare their kids for school, and that children themselves will show the best results at school in return. We wish for you much success in school or anywhere else.

Authors: Artur Bas, Paweł Pawul