Advertising Industry Trends in 2017

The season is high and our magic ship is in full sail. The board is overflown with huge waves of the boundless sea of advertising products – including those that are the most popular and those emerging from the depths of the market resources. We are watching them closely, searching for pearls, and what’s more, every time we find one, they seem to verify our February trend forecasts.

Below there is our small collection reflecting the five trends which we indicated for this year – have a look!


A commemorative view of Włodawa etched on glass. Such decorative work combined with adornment technologies puts emphasis on regionalism and the products made in this very city.

A new brand of local apparel from Kraków ‘Kup se to’. The name itself refers to the local dialect, and all the scenes or pictures are not only interestingly depicted on the clothes, but they are also connected with this city of kings. We keep our fingers crossed and we believe that soon we will hear about this up-and-coming brand.


At the very last moment a fidget spinner caught on. It is an anti-stress toy which spins along its axis when put on a finger. It is a real this-month phenomenon, it is cheap and it is an interesting gift for everyone.

The stickers which will protect us from being watched. There are a lot of apps which officially inform us in their terms and conditions about the possibility of our conversations being watched or read. The stickers with a logo of a company is a small gift which is not only being more and more frequently ordered but it also lets us keep our privacy.

The technology is developed by good guys and bad guys. So as to prevent the card from being scanned by an unwanted person, a so-called smart wallet has been invented. It’s an intelligent wallet in which our cards are safe. It is available in a casual form – made of paper and able to hold one card, but it can also be made of aluminium. Finally, there are also more sophisticated smart wallets – made of leather, with several slits.

Fancier and fancier portable accessories to play music. They are attractive because of their shape and small size. Thanks to a bluetooth speaker with a phone holder we can share our musical taste anywhere and with anyone.

Emotions and practicality, that is a USB flash drive in a heart-shaped and elegant box. An interesting gift idea not only in the IT industry.

Everyone used to dream of a bike as a gift for their First Communion. Today kids are more interested in technology. It is not only about laptops, tablets or smart phones, but more and more often it is about drones.

Thanks to them we can have a look at the reality from the perspective that was inaccessible before. In our catalogue there are several interesting models which can be a real surprise at various outdoor events.


The first-aid kit thanks to which we will be independent during short trips. This little gadget that can be held in our pocket or our bag can turn out to be invaluable help in some situations.

A professional Stanley flask. A real ‘Mercedes’ in its class. It keeps hot drinks hot for 12 hours and cold drinks cold for 24 hours. It is an essential attribute of every experienced walker whether in the mountains or anywhere else.

4. ECO

There are no two the same things in this collection.The lines of the wood are arranged differently on each product. Wood will be in fashion for a long time, so we should expect that more and more advertising materials will be available in this form.

A unique board for drinks with a mat at its end on which we can write with chalk. It allows to connect two natural raw materials (wood and chalk) in one product turning it into a practical gift.


Winter follies like skiing, snowboarding, or sledding are also the moments and places where there are lots of positive emotions and memories. These are the most beautiful moments in life, and by being there, we can make the image of our brand warmer.

Bottle socks – that is something new! A bottle of water, juice, or even milk kefir will taste different for sure when we put it into a cosy sock, with a logotype of our favourite brand.

Of course, our mini collection is only a drop in the above-mentioned sea of advertising products. Nevertheless, we believe that we have managed to get you at least a bit interested, or perhaps to inspire you, and, most of all, to verify our February trend forecasts.

Authors: Artur Bas, Paweł Pawul