About us

We are professionals when it comes to showing affection. Thanks to our exceptional offer you will be able to show your co-workers that you care for them in every possible way. That will make them think more highly of you – and you yourself will appreciate your work. What else can make others happy than a possibility to give your friends a gift?

Relationships are important for us, those between clients as well as those between employees

Our philosophy is to set a good example. It is important to put emphasis on small gestures and to respect each other. If you bestow good and love on others, they always come back. That is why we try to appreciate our employees because positive relationships pay off and translate into job satisfaction. In Fabryka Magika it is important that both the client and the employee can find common ground and reach a decision in a pleasant atmosphere. We have ideas in accordance with which we live and work.

Passion of what we do

Support:What kind of a company would it be if its employees were not engaged in their work? Not only is it our great interest to approach each case professionally, but we also aim to combine knowledge, experience and passion, which allows us to fulfil ourselves, and reach perfection at the same time.

Engagement:One of the most important features of our comapny is engagement. We truly enjoy helping to make others happy. This very tendency to bestow joy upon our fellows drives us in an extremely positive way. Every increase in our pool of satisfied clients makes the dynamics of this mechanism higher and higher.

Knowledge:Knowledge, experience, passion – these are the factors thanks to which our services are of the highest quality. We enjoy what we do, that’s why, our client can count on our support at every stage of the service. We approach our work both mindfully and fully engaged. Each project is precisely consulted with the client so that the best solution can be found for each and every company.

Experience:Experience is the main mechanism which drives the development of our company. It is our long experience that allows us to provide good advice on how to build business and social relationships. After all, nothing is as appreciated in this professional area as experience and a great many satisfied clients.

Facts:With its growth Fabryka Magika enabled many people to increase the number of their business contacts. Thanks to our counselling, professional interpersonal relationships reach a higher level. Happiness leads to engagement, which, in turn, is one of the most dynamical catalyst of a good business.


You can trust us We are experts in what we do. We base our activities on reliable data and we have long experience. Bear in mind that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Before you build your company’s image, it is worth consulting specialists. Fabryka Magika has its highest quality experts and it is them who can advise you on which gift will be the most suitable in a particular situation.


Quality We know what you need.<br> Reliability and durability of the gadgets offered by us is our main target. High quality of the products combined with a reasonable price are the reasons why we stand out from our competition.

Customer service

We are eager to help Good people-to-people contacts is our main idea. Not only do we advise our clients but even together with them we arrange how a particular offer should look like. This is why we can do our task so well. We are a group who knows what’s what. We can show the best solution to those who hesitate. We do realize that every company has their own requirements and targets, that is why we approach each client individually.