No more insipidity, that is, what will make companies choose particular advertising materials in 2017?

Despite the fact that it is just the beginning of the year, Fabryka is working at full capacity and we are thinking about holidays rather than about the past year. Nevertheless, it is a good moment to stop for a while and reflect upon the coming months and what will happen at that time. What advertising gadgets will dominate the market? To answer this question it is a good idea to think about what trends dominate in our society at present and how it can determine the popularity of some groups of advertising products. Let’s then try to group a few social phenomena that might influence consumers behaviours.


Dynamic and unstable political situation in Poland and in other countires can put pressure on us to take sides and to make a clear statement about ourselves. It goes hand in hand with a tendency to appreciate local goods. More and more often we pay attention to the source of a good which we buy. The popularity of Pola application which allows to check the extent to which a product was made in Poland is a good example. We appreciate our resources, our producers and we are more and more united for this very case (apples revolution, the highest number of local beers launches in Europe in the last year).


Shortage of highly qualified employees in the fastest growing economic sector, that is IT, and the fact that primary school pupils in the future will follow professions that don’t exist now (whoever has heard of a drone operator?) seem to be evidence for that. We are living in the eve of digital revolution, almost completely devoting our life to technology (driverless cars, fridges connected to the Internet, applications which allow to communicate with so-called intelligent homes, telephone more efficient than computers and cameras taken together).


More and more often people need to feel independent, able to survive on their own, challenge themselves. Year by year new extreme challenges are appearing on the market (jogging, survival schools, military tourism). A great many brands and events are coming out and they help people identify themselves with such a life style (e.g. WakeUp & Squad, Runmageddon). People want to have adventures, test themselves, explore their limits.


4.    ECO
We appreciate the resources provided by Mother Earth. Eco is and will be trendy. For many people it is important that they buy products made by brands which protect natural resources by saving them, acting effectively, not wasting them.


People expect some kind of partnership in life from a brand. They need its support in difficult moments, a change for a better world (it is perfectly seen in now classic adverts of P&G – mothers’ sponsor, Guiness – friends, or Allegro).


The above-mentioned phenomena do not exhaust the topic but can be a good forecast of what will make companies decide on when they choose advetising materials for the following year.


Now it’s time for RemaDays, which will verify our assumptions.


See you then in Warszawa!


Author: Paweł Pawul
Published: February, 16th, 2017