How to choose gadgets for trade fairs?

It seems that selection of materials for a trade show is not a simple and obvious case for everyone. What should we then do so that gadgets distributed at a fair stall don’t turn out to be just another unsuccessful and unnecessary gift for your potential clientss and trading partners? I will try to give you a few valuable tips.


What should I do if I want my gadget to be a success?

Make sure that you select a gadget suitable for a target group. Consider who will be the most frequent guest at the trade fair – children who love colourful gadgets, teenagers interested in novielties, ladies who are familiar with fashion and who appreciate elegant and esthetic gadgets, or men who expect to receive a practical and useful gift. If you find the answer to this question it will undoubtedly be easier for you to make your choice as for promotional materials.


An unusual gadget as an ideal way to draw attention.

When your company is going to attend a trade show and selects materials suitable for your stall, you should most of all remember about the fact that these materials are supposed to build your image. If you are going to appear as a staller among other companies in your industry it is very important that your stall stands out from the others. What could help you to achieve that? Of course, an unusual and unconventional gadget which is directly connected with your business activity. It could be a simple antistress in a shape of a helmet, a pill or a doctor (associated with the construction or medical industry), a pen with a laser diode in a shape of a bulb (which might be associated with the energy industry) or a lip balm in a fashionable shape which is connected with the cosmetics industry.


How to interest fair visitors with our offer.

The plan is simple. Pick interesting gadgets which characterise your company and refer to the colour of your logo. If your logo is charateristic and in an intensive colour, that’s great! You have a perfect opportunity to stand out from the crowd and draw the attention of your clients with this vivid touch. A simple example – your company has a red logo and specialises in IT? Pick a fashionable USB adapter or a case for your smartphone card in a colour of blood red and enjoy a thousand of guests at your stall


Remeber about the quaility of the gifts.

As you perfectly know there is nothing worse than getting just another pen which doesn’t work, or a notebook with a loosely held cards. Such a gift will not only fail to encourage your clients or trading partner to cooperate. There is more to that. At once they will ask themselves a question if the quality of your products or services is the same. Avoid that by choosing high-quality and tasteful materials so that your client is satisfied and willing to use them for a long time. Thanks to that more and more people will recognize your logo in no time and your brand will definitely be a leading one in the market.


Author: Marta Malec
Published: April 04th, 2016