Holiday entry about caps with a baseball cap in the background

Holidays! Finally! Oh! Ah! Far away from work, rush, stress, all those urgent and important matters. Now we are going to look after ourselves, we will visit remote lands, including those inside us, and slowly but surely, while basking in the sun, we will regain peace of mind. However, if we don’t want this peace to evaporate too soon so that we can enjoy it to the full with no moans or groans following sunburn, a stroke, or a migraine headache, we must remember to protect our head. The market offers a great variety of this kind of headwear. We would like to make the most of this opportunity and present you with a short overview of a kind of headwear which we are so familiar with, namely, a baseball cap.



It was The Brooklyn Excelsiors and later other New York amateur and professional baseball teams who wore the first baseball caps. The cap itself was supposed to protect the players from the sun that dazzled them.

At first the cap was sewn in various sizes. Later its producers decided that it would be easier to install an adjustment strap in the back of the cap.


Full Cap (a flat-brimmed hat)


What distinguishes it from other baseball caps is that it doesn’t have an adjustment strap. Once the symbol of American rap and hip hop, today is can become a corporate gift. To avoid the problem of adjusting the cap to various sizes of the head, a flexible band Flexfit® has been introduced, which gives a sense that the cap fits perfectly.

Snapback (a cap with an adjustment strap in the back )


It is a modified version of the above-mentioned Full Cap model, commonly and gladly worn by baseball players nowadays.



Trucker Hats/Mesh Caps (a cap with an adjustment strap and plastic mesh in the back)

It is a type of a baseball cap. It appeared in the 1980s and at first it was made for lorry drivers and farmers. It is very useful for hot days as only its two front parts are devoted to put some graphics on. The rest of the cap comprises a comfortable and airy mesh. The cap has an adjustment strap in the back and they can have a flat or regular (curved) brim. The front part provides a lot of different options for some graphics.


Of course, among the above-mentioned models there are hundreds of modifications and variations, so everyone will find something appealing for themselves.


From a practical point of view it is a fine advertising material because:
– It is easy to choose a distinctive pattern, fabric and trim,
– It is relatively cheap, but the final product is unique,
– Their popularity is universal and remains uninfluenced by fashion.

I hope you have a nice and warm holiday season!

Authors: Artur Bas, Paweł Pawul